Wingspan Optics Spectator 8×32 Compact Binoculars Review

When we think of binoculars, we can be quick to classify any of them as good for any purpose. This simply isn’t so. Take a look around Optics Den and you’ll see the various sorts of optics used specifically for different purposes.

This is where the Spectator 8×32 compact pair of binos by Wingspan Optics comes in. These binos almost fit in the entirety of your hand but we aren’t classifying them as toys or mini-binos by any means. The most popular hobby that these binos are used for is birding.

  • Wingspan Optics is a brand known for their focus in birding optics, so you can already see how specialization in the optics industry occurs.

You may be asking, can’t I just use my hunting binoculars for birding? Don’t they do the same job? Not quite. Let’s look at why this set of Spectators is a universal birder’s choice for optics.

Despite their small size, the Spectator’s have a pretty wide depth of field that enables you to see more in a single viewing. The light transmission is just as good at the maximum magnification and range at a thousand yards.

  • An important aspect of birding is being able to differentiate between two species that look almost identical. The 8×32’s give you incredible detail at long range so you can identify those small characteristics.

Don’t mistake the Spectator’s small size for low-quaility optics. These binos boast impressive stats that will help you see what you want to see on a greater level of detail. Let’s take a look at some of its specs.



POWER – 8x

OBJ.LENS DIA. – 32mm



DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) – 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.75 inches

WEIGHT – 15.2 Ounces



Just because these binos specialize in birding doesn’t mean you can’t take them anywhere else. Many users have reported that the small size of Spectators allows them to take the binos on trips and excursions where larger optics might prove cumbersome or unnecessary. They do carry a little bit of weight to them but not like true hunting or other sporting optics.

  • Our recommendation would be to simply test them with any hobby that your require optics for whether it be birding, hunting, or even stargazing. You might find that the Spectator is more suited for birding compared to other binos but in the end everyone’s preference is different.

Where the Spectators really stand out is the coloration of the environment or in most cases—animals you are looking at. This where that need for differentiation we talked about comes in. Color and light transmission, as well as visibility all play a role in your ability to see the target.

  • For accessibility, the binos have hooks on the sides where you can thread a strap through. Don’t feel as though you have to carry them by hand everywhere you go.

The magnification isn’t the greatest in the world in terms of sporting optics but the trick with these binos is their depth perception and their ability to pick up detail. A maximum range of around a thousand yards is still an impressive feat.