Vortex Optics Razor HD Angled Spotting Scope Review

Seeing the ground ahead of you is the most important part of the hunt or scouting. Binoculars are heavy, and they can be difficult to carry. A single spotting scope is easy to carry, easy to use and easy to hide when you are in the field. Look over the features of the Vortex Optics Razor HD Angled Spotting Scope before making your purchase.

#1: It Is Small

The small size of the spotting scope helps you manage it in the field. Walking across the forest with the scope in your hand is easy, and you may tuck the scope in your pocket when you are scurrying through the woods.

The scope will be hidden in your hand when you start using it, and the scope will not draw attention to you. Animals in the forest will not take notice of a scope that small, but you can see at great distance with the scope.

#2: Sighting Angle

The angled style of the scope makes sighting much easier. Leaning your head down slightly to look into the glass is more comfortable than craning your neck to move the scope around. The angled scope style makes the resolution clearer.

The HD glass and technology inside the scope helps you get the clearest image possible of your prey. The animals you are tracking must be identifiable, but you cannot identify them if you cannot see them. You will get a good look at every animal you hunt, and you may choose patterns on the animal that make it unique.

#3: Spotting Distance

You can see objects at up to 15 times the original distance of the glass. You may hunt in a particular area, but you may spot animals in an adjoining area with this powerful scope. Keeping your distance from the animals prevents you from startling them, and you can track a pack of animals without fear of being attacked.

Spotting distances are very important if you have a perch that is high up a tree. Your perch increases the distance at which you are viewing your prey, and you must have as much flexibility with your scope as possible.

#4: Guiding Others To A Kill

You may use the spotting scope to guide other hunters to your kills. Staying in the perch to guide others to a kill is a responsible way to look out for others, but you must have a strong scope that will help you see the kill you have just made. You may keep an eye on the people who are still in the field, and you can clearer see what is around them as they move about.

#5: Durability

You bring your scope into the forest for every hunt, and you will encounter changing weather conditions during the hunt. Your scope must hold up to the inclement weather, and you must be able to spot in the rain for hours while you hunt. The sturdy construction of this spotting scope will prevent damage or breakage while you are on the hunt.

Carrying a spotting scope into the woods for your next hunt is wise. You must have a scope on you that allows you to see animals in the woods without drawing attention to yourself. Your spotting scope will give you a clear view of your prey at up to the 15 times the magnification of the original glass, and you will be safer when you can see everything around you. Your journeys into the woods are aided by a spotting scope that helps you see what is coming while you are on the hunt. Consider this excellent offering from Vortex for your spotting scope purchase.