Redfield Revenge 3-9x42mm Riflescope Review

Before the latest hunting season even began, I knew I wanted to get a new scope for my hunting rifle. I have been going after more large game now that I can hunt more often, and since it has become a major part of my life, I figured my equipment should match my dedication.

When I started my search for the perfect scope, I came across the Redfield brand. I was really impressed by their selection, and they had several options that matched the price point I was pursuing. I landed on the Redfield Revenge 3-9×42 Riflescope. ordering it was a seamless experience, which only added to my good mood when I saw that it had arrived at the house.

Upon opening the box and mounting it to my hunting rifle, I was very impressed that the scope was already set up perfectly for a distance of 100 yards. By the way, putting the scope on my gun was as easy as ordering it. I only needed the basic tools that one would expect to use when mounting it. The scope came with detailed instructions that made it pretty simple to follow and get the job done in just a few minutes. This is the first accessory scope I’ve ever purchased, so having it be so easy was a relief as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Satisfied by my satisfactory initial glance over of the optics, the most significant part of my new tool, I turned my attention to the aesthetics of the Redfield Revenge scope. I like the sleek look to the design, and especially the matte finish to the scope’s surface. The slight muzzle loader outline of the scope is both classic and attractive. The grips added to the scope means that making adjustments while wearing thick gloves outside in the cold is not only possible, but comfortable. Add in the fact that the scope is both fog-proof and water-proof, and this already is a scope I see myself using in a variety of different situations.

Of course, putting a scope on a hunting rifle and admiring how it looks is not the main reason we hunters buy a Redfield Revenge 3-9×42 Riflescope! The performance of the scope is where the “meat” of the purchase lies. Luckily, I had this last weekend free and I was able to get outdoors and give this new scope a proper test run. I must say, I grew even more impressed with my purchase when I got to experience it in action.

The scope handles beautifully. I was able to quickly made adjustments on the fly, which is very important to me. I had no trouble seeing them either, which I am chalking up to the coating on the scope. The targets showed up clear and free from the glare that has plagued me before when I used other scopes. This scope has long eye relief, which makes hunting with it so much better than going without it. The other unique feature that really sets it apart for me is that it has customization options for adjustment settings.

Overall, this scope has show itself to be an essential new accessory for my hunting rifle. While this was my first personal purchase of a scope, I found the entire experience from researching, ordering, mounting, and using the scope to be a breeze. I’d recommend this to my friends and I am sure I will want to purchase another one of these in the future. In the meantime, I am going to be using the one I have as much as possible!