Rangefinder Review: Redfield Raider 600A

The Redfield Raider Rangefinder 600A claims that it provides accurate ranging for up to 600 yards, allowing for precision that will help hunters to land whatever game they choose to hunt. With a scan mode for constant ranging and one button operation for quick response, the Redfield Raider Rangefinder 600A could be the tool that every hunter needs, if it lives up to its claims.

The Raider 600A adds angle compensation to its counterpart, the Raider Rangefinder 600. The rangefinder is more advanced than its predecessor, the 500, since it now includes the viewing angle as part of the rangefinder’s calculations.

After using the Redfield Raider for several months, I found the performance to be good, comparing to other high end models. The size could be a little larger, but this was really the only complaint I had. Overall, this is a simple and great rangefinder for hunters who have not used this kind of equipment before. It provides basic functionality that is easy to use and accurate.

The rangefinder was incredibly useful for zeroing firearms. I took this to the shooting range and set my guns with complete accuracy. This sure beats measuring inexact range marks on the wall. It made my life easier in this regard. This feature alone is worth a lot to me.

Additionally, the rangefinder’s dynamic ranging feature is very useful. During a recent hunting trip, I was able to track a target with the distance changing as the target moved by just pushing and holding one button. It was easy to use this feature, even when the target was moving very quickly. The distance appeared to be measured accurately and updated quickly as the target changed distances. I know I will continue to use this feature in the future.

As a targeting scope, it also performed very well. The magnification allowed me to easily identify the shot placement on the target. This took a lot of the guesswork that I was using previously away, and I feel like I’m able to shoot more confidently, without second guessing myself before taking the shot.

Comparing the rangefinder’s performance to other units, the Raider 600A can hold its own with much more expensive units. I took this rangefinder on a hunting excursion with my friends, who all own much higher end rangefinders of their own. We compared numbers among rangefinders, and the Raider 600A got the same readings as all of my friends’ rangefinders.

Among the possible improvement areas for the Raider 600A is its size. The rangefinder looked and felt to be a bit small, and is just five ounces in weight. I would have liked to use something that was a little more substantial, although the compact size does make it easy to carry. However, I thought that something a little larger would actually be easier to handle, although this is probably a matter of personal preference.

In researching this rangefinder before purchasing it, I noted that some users have reported that the Raider Rangefinder was not reliable and stopped performing not long after purchasing it. I have not experienced this yet, but the most users who report issues with the rangefinder reported that Redfield stood behind their product and made it right. Redfield has a good reputation for customer service, and I feel confident that I would be able to resolve any issues in the future.

Overall, I was quite impressed with the performance and accuracy of this rangefinder. Although the rangefinder could be slightly larger and heavier, the rangefinder seemed to be durable and was easy to carry. I would recommend this product to those who haven’t used a rangefinder before.