Moultrie Game Spy A-5 Gen 2 Low Glow 5.0 MP Trail Camera Review

As one of the world’s leading game and feed supply companies, Moultrie continually has produced innovative designs in trail cameras, animal feeders, and food plot spreaders. Released in 2015, the Moultrie Game Spy A-5 Gen 2 Low Glow 5.0 MP Trail Camera lives up to the high standards that the company has established, and provides a solidly built camera that consistently performs. The Gen 2 version of the bestselling Game Spy camera is a welcome addition to the Moultrie camera line.

Product Specifications

The Game Spy trail camera uses a 5.0 megapixel digital camera to capture images of deer, raccoons, intruders, and more. The photos are saved on an SD card (which must be purchased separately), a convenient feature since SD cards are widely available. The camera has a 40 foot detection range and a 50 foot flash range, as well as a long-range nighttime infrared light. The camera comes with multiple options for photo taking: users can choose to have a 10-second, 30-second, 1-minute, or 5-minute lapse between pictures once the motion detector has been activated. The camera can be programmed with a time and date stamp on each photo.

One of the biggest changes in the A-5 camera’s revamp is the company’s decision to switch the type of batteries that the camera requires. Instead of the Gen 1’s need for C-batteries, the Gen 2 camera uses 8 AA batteries. For hunters out in extreme weather conditions, the camera also offers the option of using lithium batteries.

Consumers can use the included all-weather mounting strap to secure the game camera to trees or shrubbery. The strap and eyelet system ensures that the camera can be tightly fitted wherever you choose.


Although it shares its name with the bestselling earlier A-5 model, the Gen 2 version of the Game Spy Low Glow Camera has been completely redone.

With a new look and style, the Gen 2 version comes with a multitude of new features including a faster camera response time and a multi-shot mode to capture animals in motion. Unlike the earlier version of this model, the Gen 2’s response time is nearly instantaneous: after the motion detector has been triggered, a photo is snapped within 1.5 seconds, give you even more glimpses at the wildlife on your property. An improved lens allows for better quality photos than similar game cameras. Thanks to advancement in image compression, the Game Spy Gen 2 captures and stores more than twice the number of photos than the earlier version.

The new design allows for better concealment of the case and its lights, which translates to better pictures at a closer range. The design, which is more rounded than the Gen 1 version, is more waterproof and allows the water to drip off without harming the camera or LED lights.

Overall, the Game Spy’s second version is user friendly, and–at a price point that hovers around $70–very economical.


Despite the upgraded features, this game camera still has a few areas where the company can make some improvements. Generally, the nighttime photos were grainier than daytime ones. When designing the camera, Moultrie tried to make it more rugged, but, in doing so, they made it more difficult for users to open and close the casing. The range for quality pictures is highly variable depending on the foliage next to and in front of the camera. The Game Spy camera does not come with thermal imaging triggers, so users will find that the camera snapped a picture of anything that moves, whether it is a leaf or a bear.

Additionally, the camera requires users to insert the AA batteries into the casing even if an external power source will also be used. Without the AA batteries, the camera does not time or date stamp any of the photos, a glitch that seems unwieldy.

Another issue that this camera has is the lack of range when it comes to camera angles: the Game Spy only takes photos of what it directly in front of it. To remedy this issue, the consumer would have to place the Game Spy on a tripod and manually change the angle, which would increase the camera’s visibility to game.

Who Would Like This Product?

Since it packs such a punch while remaining cost efficient, this product should be considered by anyone looking to purchase a game camera. While it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of more expensive models, the Game Spy A-5 Trail Camera is an excellent choice for hunters who want a way to track what game is crossing their land. It is also an economical choice for homeowners who want another layer of protection in their home security systems. Regardless of the reason for purchase, consumers will find that this game camera is reliable, hardy, and effective.