Meade Instruments Infinity AZ Telescope Review

What? How did a product not made by Celestron make our best telescopes list? The reasons will vary, but the factor that concerns most buyers of telescopes is┬áthe price. Meade Instruments manufactures the Infinity AZ, and for the price, we know you’ll be pleased with what you get.

The Infinity AZ is a 70mm telescope, identifiable by its long barrel. Like the 90 GT, this body allows the telescope to see deeper into space than most. The ability to see deep into space for such a minuscule price is hardly a deal to pass up. The further the view range, the more magical the wonders of space become. Meade instruments infinity AZ

What do you get?

We are easily enticed by the low price of the Infinity AZ, but what exactly do you get? The 70mm scope allows for an excellent view range of space compared to the smaller or larger apertures. It rotates along an altazimuth mount, allowing generous freedom of movement.

Is the price the only difference maker? The answer is no. Unlike most telescopes that are made for or are primarily used at night, the Infinity AZ can be used during the daytime for activities such as birdwatching.

The telescope utilizes what’s called a rack and pinion focuser. Many refractor telescopes share this mechanism of focusing. However, it is prone to wear and tear due to the gears involved. Users should keep watch on the body of the Infinity AZ if they use it regularly.

Eyepieces and Viewfinders

The Infinity AZ, when purchased, comes with three interchangeable eyepieces and two lenses that allow you to adjust the magnification. Some customers have reported seeing as far as Jupiter and its various moons.

With careful calibration of the telescopes knobs, you can adjust the quality of your view. A red dot viewfinder also comes in the assembly, canceling out the chronic problem of “skipping” when trying to track an object in the night sky.


The Infinity AZ is not the most powerful telescope out there, but it gets the job done. Many reviewers have identified it as an excellent entry-level telescope after the Vixen Space Eye. It’s variable optics will allow for different magnification and power settings.

The price is important to take into account when looking for an upgraded telescope. You can count on the fact that you will never run out of things to look for.