Leupold’s RX-1000I User Review

Leupold’s RX-1000I rangefinder is one of the best. It has an excellent combination of features that turn it into of the best rangefinders on the market. Leupold has practically hit a home run with this product. Its real-world field use is unparalleled. No other rangefinder comes close to it in terms of practical field use. Moreover, it is smaller and easier to use than the vast majority of other rangefinders. Furthermore, its image quality is outstanding, and its LED display is one of the best. Overall, Leupold RX-1000I is an outstanding product that will satisfy even the pickiest rangefinder user.

This rangefinder has the same weight and size as its previous model from two years ago. However, it has a more textured gripping surface and a number of cool improvements. The biggest improvement is in the new electronics. They are called the “DNA” engine. Faster display and better accuracy are a part of this significant improvement. This rangefinder is now capable of being accurate within one half of a yard.

It has a better reticle, better battery life, and better image quality than any other rangefinder. Its reticle can be adjusted up to three settings of varying intensity. For many people, “high” setting of its reticle works better than the other two. So if you are not very experienced with rangefinders, this setting may be the best one to choose.

The True Ballistic Range version of this rangefinder has a built-in inclinometer. So Leupold RX-1000I TBR W/DNA has more bells and whistles than a regular Leupold RX-1000I. This rangefinder has several different models. They are called TBR/MOA, TBR, and LOS. TBR/MOA allows you to see both where you have to turn your scope up to and the true ballistic range. TBR, on the other hand, takes into account the shooting angle. LOS is simply the basic rangefinder.

This outstanding rangefinder features three tiers. One of them is LOS. LOS stands for line of sight. This tier simply gives you the actual range. Most people will need only this information when using a rangefinder. Another tier is “shoot as if” range. This tier is for the time when your point of impact is high. Point of impact is usually high when the person shoots either steeply downward or steeply upward. Yet another tier has to do with True Ballistic Ranger which measures the horizontal distance to the target.

This amazing rangefinder allows you to choose from several ballistic groups and to set the one you find best to your cartridge. It also shows you how to compensate for the shot at an extended range in both milliradians and inches, not to mention minute of angle. These features can very useful when you are hunting. The unique thing about these features is that they are very accurate and problem-free even though equivalent features of most other rangefinders suffer from lots of problems. The onboard software of this rangefinder is truly the best in the industry.

Overall, the Leupold RX-1000I TBR W/DNA is a superb rangefinder. It is smaller than all other rangefinders, and being the size of a human palm, fits easily into a jeans’ pocket. Moreover, it is ruggedly built. So it will last a long time. Its battery is also excellent. Its optics are excellent as well. Thanks to its excellent optics, its range acquisition works at a lightning fast speed. Furthermore, it is lightweight and is completely silent even when it is in operation. Finally, it has the price no other rangefinder of its class can beat. Its TBR model costs only $400, while its basic model costs only 350$. At this price, this rangefinder is definitely a steal.