Leupold Mark AR Rifle Scope Review

Leupold is known for making some of the world’s best rifle scopes. Their Mark AR scope is no exception, even though it’s one of their cheaper models. You’ll find that the scope provides reliable targeting for various ranges, and though there are some cons to consider, this is a perfect scope for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune customizing their rifle.

General Information

The Mark AR is made specifically for 55-grain ammunition. While users have found that it works reliably with other types of ammo and guns, it works best if you stay within its intended use. The scope is matte black and looks identical to the Mark 2 Hunter scope.

Magnification is touted as going up to nine times normal sight, but tests show that it reaches closer to 8.6 magnification. The Mil Dot reticle is bright and easy to see, and it will help you easily aim shots at the appropriate target. Some have found that the dot tends to fade as the battery gets low on power, but changing the battery should fix this issue.

There is also an elevation knob to help you hit targets from 100 to 700 yards away. This works best with the appropriate ammo, and most users find it to be extremely accurate.

Elevation Knob

The elevation knob ensures that your scope is targeted properly so that you can hit targets from far distances. Most users find that it is perfect from 100 to 400 yards, but the reliability starts to decrease from 500 to 700 yards. This should come as no surprised because wind resistance and other factors will come into play, but you should still be able to hit larger targets from the maximum distance. You’ll notice some margin of failure, but it shouldn’t matter too much unless you’re trying to hit something small.


Nothing’s worse than getting water in the scope, but you’ll never have to worry about that with the Mark AR. Like all other Leupold scopes, this one is treated with nitrogen to keep water out of the optics and other components. It also has a second layer of argon and krypton waterproofing that further traps gases within the scope and refuses to allow water into any of the components. This is because argon and krypton are larger molecules than nitrogen, thus providing better protection. This second layer also reduces the effects of thermal shock.

Light and Reflection

If you have ever used a cheap scope, then you’ve probably noticed how light can be an issue. It reflects off the lenses in the scope and creates a glare that makes it impossible to aim properly. Not only those, but typically these scopes darken natural colors, which makes it harder to find targets.

The Mark AR is treated with Multicoat 4, a proprietary coating that reduces glare and usable light. While this won’t ensure proper targeting in all low-light conditions, it will give you the most usable light with the least amount of glare and reflection.

Firedot Illumination

Many scopes have red dots for illumination, and that has been a reliable targeting method for many years. The Leupold uses firedot illumination that is a more natural red that helps with quick target acquisition. The Mark AR comes with a tactical reticle that also assists with proper range estimation.


While cheap by Leupold standards, the Mark AR is a great rifle scope for anyone who likes hunting or shooting in general. The tactical scope ensures that you’ll be able to properly hit targets from far away, and the Multicoat 4 treatment will help you use the scope without eyestrain.