Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

When it comes to holiday shopping, getting it done early is the dream. The reality? There still seems to be at least a few things we don’t get until the last minute. If you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas for loved ones, we’ve compiled a few ideas to help inspire you to finish up that holiday shopping.


Tools make a great gift for a lot of different people. For example, if you know someone who just moved out on their own or bought their first house, chances are they need to build up their toolbox. Craftsmen (and women!), tradesmen and women, and DIY fans are all usually looking to upgrade or add to their collection. While it may not seem like the most exciting gift, it’s a practical gift idea that the recipient will use for a long time to come.

Here are a few tool gift ideas:

The Nest Learning Thermometer


Sure, there are probably plenty on your list who you would NOT gift a book. But, overall, books are a really excellent gift idea. You have options ranging from best-selling thrillers to gorgeous coffee table books, e-readers to digital book subscriptions and more! If you’re stumped for gift ideas, definitely consider a book.

Here are some bookish gift ideas:

Kindle E-Reader

Gift Cards

Gift cards still get a bad rap sometimes, with people claiming they are lazy gifts to give. However, lots of people would love to get a gift card. You can make sure the gift card is a thoughtful gift by getting it for somewhere that the recipient actually likes to shop. If your loved one is far from you and/or it’s down to the very last minute, consider buying it online and having it sent to them or even sent straight to their email! Amazon has a selection of gift cards for their site and others.


Monthly Boxes

There are some really interesting and useful monthly box subscriptions available today. Essentially any type you can imagine actually exists, so really you can probably find one for nearly everyone on your list. Monthly subscription boxes are neat gifts because the recipient gets to enjoy it for longer, and get a surprise in the mail each month. Here are a few to consider:

Bean Box


Since we’re big fans of optics over here, it’s probably no surprise that we think optics make great gifts (plus, we’re correct). There are lots of sporting optics out there that make fantastic gifts for outdoorsmen and women, hunters, birders, and more. Here are just a few ideas:

Be sure to explore our buying guides if there are other types of sporting optics you’re interested in!



If you’re totally stumped for ideas, think about experiences you can give your loved ones. From outdoorsy activities to concerts or trips, the gift of an experience means the recipient has something to look forward to and gains memories that can last a lifetime.

Experience gifts don’t necessarily have to be expensive either. Planning a trip or an outing offsets the costs so you can handle them later – a real lifesaver during the holidays when your budget is already tight.


Something Silly

When you’re shopping at the last minute, sometimes it’s helpful to get silly. If your intended recipient has fun quirks or you share some great memories, consider getting them a gift that’s something of an inside joke. Personal gifts like this show your loved ones that you’ve thought about them while you shopped and it shows how well you know them. For example, consider a key holder for the loved one who always misplaces their keys



There is so much cool tech out there, and for those who love gadgets and the latest and greatest in technology, a gadget gift is always welcome. Here are just a few of the coolest gadgets and tech out there:


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