Finding the Best Binoculars for Kids

A pair of binoculars is an ideal gift for a kid for a number of reasons. For one, kids can use their binoculars to look at birds, tall trees and deer along with countless other things in nature. A pair of binoculars can spark a kid’s interest in learning more about the world around him or her. Plus, kids can use binoculars practically anywhere including a local park, a zoo and even in their own backyard. Parents interested in getting this gift for their child should make sure they get the best possible pair of binoculars. Consider some desirable features to look for in binoculars.


A pair of binoculars meant for a child must be durable. A kid’s binoculars should be able to withstand being stuffed in a backpack, dropped and passed around to friends. GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars are an example of durable binoculars made for curious kids. These binoculars are designed for children who are three years old or more. They are a perfect fit for kids and are made to endure through years of use. The breakaway neck strap and 2X magnification make these binoculars an ideal choice for a younger child.

Lightweight Binoculars

Kids are not likely to use binoculars that are too heavy and bulky. That’s why it’s important to get a lightweight pair that a kid can raise to his or her eyes in a matter of seconds. Plus, parents want to encourage their child to carry the binoculars around so they won’t miss seeing a rare bird or an interesting insect. A simple, lightweight pair of powerful binoculars is the perfect choice for a child.

Excellent Magnification

A kid should have binoculars that allow him or her to see birds, trees, bird nests butterflies and other natural objects in detail. Carson Kid’s Binoculars are an example of a durable pair of binoculars with great magnification capabilities. A kid can view objects at 5X magnification. With magnification of this power, kids can see the details on the feathers of a hawk sitting up in a tree or spot the designs on a butterfly that’s resting on a flower several feet away. These are perfect for kids who want to carry along a pair of binoculars wherever they go.

Easy to Use

In order to get a kid to take a pair of binoculars out of its case on a regular basis, parents must find a pair that is easy to use. Kids should be able to adjust the view to suit their vision in a matter of seconds. The easier the binoculars are to use, the more likely a kid is to use them every day!

Easy to Clean

If a child takes his or her binoculars out into the woods or to the park, they may get a little mud or dirt on them. Parents must look for binoculars that are easy to clean and maintain. For instance, a child should be able to wipe any dirt or dust off the lenses of the binoculars with a lens cloth in a matter of seconds. After all, learning to maintain the condition of their binoculars is part of being a responsible owner.

A Strap and Case with the Binoculars

Parents are wise to look for binoculars that are available with a strap and a case. The strap is helpful if a kid wants to walk in the woods or through a field with the binoculars. This way, the binoculars are likely to stay off the ground. In addition, a kid who keeps the binoculars around his or her neck is less likely to misplace them. In addition, a case is helpful in keeping the binoculars safe during a journey. Perhaps a kid wants to take them along on a camping trip or to a friend’s house for a hike. A sturdy case can prevent liquids from spilling onto the binoculars and save them from needless nicks and bumps.

An Affordable Price

Chances are, a child who really gets interested in observing nature will eventually want to get a pair of binoculars with higher magnification and more features. This is why it’s wise for parents to pay an affordable price for a child’s first pair of binoculars. The two types of binoculars for kids mentioned above both have affordable price tags.

A Fun Look

Today, binoculars for kids are available in many other colors beside basic black. Kids can express their own personalities with the look of their binoculars. Some colors include dark green, camouflage, pink and blue along with others. Of course, a kid can also opt for black. A kid who likes the appearance of his or her binoculars is more likely to make good use of them.