Critical Review: Leupold GX3i

Amongst all the golf rangefinders on the market, the Leupold GX3i is a standout. With its bright red LED display, quick register of distance, and accuracy to within 6 inches, the GX3i deserves to be in your bag over the competition.

Easy Setup:

Once you have inserted the battery, you will be ready to go in just minutes. Just choose whether you would like it to display range in yards or meters and select the aiming reticule best for you.


The Leupold GX3i’s accuracy, speed, and ease to read are what sets this product apart. It is accurate to within six inches and displays distances to within the tenth of a yard. While this might seem excessive, stop and think. Why wouldn’t you want the most pinpoint accurate reading possible. Furthermore, the GX3i’s advanced technology will separate returned background readings from target readings so that you are getting the right reading to the right target. Using scan mode allows you to just press and hold down the power button to gather readings simply and quickly. This unit will find the flag and give accurate readings within 1 foot up to a range of 400 yards. Knowing the exact distance will give you the information needed to make better decisions and more accurate shots out on the course.

A big difference between the GX3i and many other rangefinders out there is how fast it is. The readings come almost instantaneously which all but eliminates the stress of having to hold the unit steady while registering distance. There is no need to worry about shaky hands or wind when using the GX3i. Indeed, the GX3i’s advanced technology will not only give you incredible accuracy, but will do it in the blink of an eye.

It not only offers accuracy and speed but has the added benefit of a bright red, easily viewable LED display. Comparing this display’s easy to see cross hair and yardage to a finder that lacks this feature is night and day. You and your eyes will be happy for this feature as you easily make out your target and the range readout information quickly.


The GX3i is compact, sturdy, and easy to hold. The milled aluminum construction also make it solid and light. In fact, the whole unit weighs only 6.8 ounces and can stand up to just about any weather condition you’ll run into on the course. It is also just plain attractive and sleek making, sure to make it a crowd favorite. Some, however, do complain that the unit is too small for those who have rather over-sized hands. So while it’s compact size and weight are ideal for most, there are some who would like a larger sized rangefinder.


While you can find a less expensive rangefinder, you won’t find a better value. It’s speed, accuracy, design, and durability assure that it will be a welcome and game changing addition to your bag for a good long while. It is also tournament legal making it useful at any level of play. While money of course is an object for most, know that going with a less expensive alternative may result in sacrificing accuracy, speed, ease of use, and durability.

Final Thoughts:

To review quickly, you will not be disappointed in the the Leupold GX3i Rangefinder. It uses state-of-the-art technology to give accurate distance calculations to within 6 inches almost instantaneously. It’s bright red LED display is easy to read and easy on the eyes. Finally, its design is both durable and attractive. No doubt, a quick peruse of reviews of this product will corroborate the high praise from this review. The Leupold GX3i Rangefinder is among the best out out there.