Bushnell’s The Truth 4×20 Laser Rangefinder User Review

Bushnell’s The Truth 4×20 Laser Rangefinder is proof that good things come in small packages. Weighing in at only 6 ounces, this pocket sized black beauty offers precision range measurements for the serious bowhunter.

Take Your Best Shot

Part of the Team Primos’ “The Truth” series of endorsed hunting equipment, this range finder uses ARC (Angle Range Compensation) technology which has the ability to compensate distances based on the angle you’re shooting from. With the push of one button, The Truth 4×20 Laser Rangefinder compensates angle and calculates distance, allowing you to precisely determine what sight pin to use for the perfect aim, at ranges of 7-199 yards away. If this level of precision wasn’t impressive enough, add to it that the ARC technology doesn’t appear to impede the device’s scanning and calculation time. In fact, at ranges of up to 850 yards, it delivers the same speed and precision as devices that provide more simplified line of sight readings.


In addition to measurements that are lightning fast and the ability to toggle between Bow and Rifle Modes, The Truth 4×20 Laser Rangefinder features 4x magnification capabilities–when set in Bow Mode–while maintaining crystal clear imagery. It calculates within the ranges of 7-850 yards, with angle ranges of -90 degrees to +90 degrees.

Hunters are sure to appreciate the compact, pocket size, of this rangefinder. It’s ergonomic design and anti-slip, sure-grip finish make it easy to grab in a hurry and fumble free while positioning and aiming and it’s rainproof to offer protection from the most commonly experienced hunting season weather conditions.

The Truth 4×20 Laser Rangefinder is designed to avoid some of the common frustrations of using and caring for electronics. It features a battery life indicator avoids the frustration of discovering that your battery is dead at the absolute worst time. It also has a Posi-Thread battery door and is also compatible with Bushnell’s magnetic attachment system which uses a tripod attachment to allow your device to be affixed to your belt, backpack strap or other harnesses in order to protect it from loss and to make it easily and quickly accessible. The Truth 4×20 Laser Rangefinder comes with a sturdy carrying case and neck strap, and a battery so that you are able to use your rangefinder the moment you open the package.

Value For Your Buck

With pricing between $150-$320, this rangefinder is competitively priced with others in a similar class. A review would be amiss to claim that the device is perfect. Some users have reported issues with slow rangefinding readings. The biggest issue experienced seems to be related to the Posi-Thread battery door. More than a few users have reported having issues with the door coming open repeatedly for no apparent reason. Feedback to Bushnell are perceived to have gone unanswered and the issue unresolved. Bushnell uses a similar battery door system for other rangefinding devices who reportedly are sharing similar issues. Hopefully, their development teams are hearing their customers and working on long-term solutions.

Overall, the features and benefits of this small but power packed device seem to outweigh any negatives; which is likely why the The Truth 4×20 Laser Rangefinder consistently receives 4.5-5 Star overall customer ratings.

Precision in hunting is critical for several reasons. It benefits the hunter by enabling accurate aim, resulting in a clean successful shot. This avoids unfilled tags, especially in draw only areas that are often hard to come by. Precision also helps hunters to avoid situations that fuel hunting controversy with regard to mis-shots that leave animals wounded. An investment in a device that increases the chances of a successful hunt while demonstrating good hunting ethics provides a great return. This Bushnell is a great example of such an investment.