Bushnell Tactical Elite ARC 7x26mm Laser Rangefinder Review

The Bushnell Tactical Elite 1-Mile ARC 7x26mm Laser Rangefinder is 20 years in the making. The very first laser rangefinder came from Bushnell in 1995 and the company has continued to serve as a leading innovator of rangefinder technology. This latest model Bushnell rangefinder is the first laser rangefinder in the Bushnell line. It first debuted at the 2014 National Rifle Association (NRA) trade show and has been turning heads ever since.

The Bushnell Tactical Elite 1-Mile ARC is designed specifically for the outdoor user who needs gear that can stand up to ever-changing conditions without complaint. Read on to find out why customers regularly rate this Bushnell at 4.5 stars (out of 5 stars) and higher.

Rangefinder Features

First things first – the Bushnell Tactical Elite actually does sight up to 1 mile (1,760 yards) with great accuracy. Customers report that practice can be required to increase accurate sightings, since part of accuracy involves choice of target, ambient reflection and more. But for many, this feature alone is worth sacrificing the other long list of bells and whistles this rangefinder also offers.

Those other bells and whistles include the following:

  • RainGuard HD water repellent coating on the lens.
  • Full waterproofing (including full immersion) and fog proofing for all multi-optics.
  • Bushnell’s 100% money-back guarantee policy.
  • E.S.P. (extreme speed precision) turbo processor (second generation) built in.
  • 7X magnification and vivid display technology (VDT), which is critical to enhance viewing even in overly bright or low light conditions.
  • Accurate up to 1/2 yard and display precision up to 1/10 yard.
  • Number of selective targeting system options, including auto-SCAN, brush, and bulls-eye modes.
  • Eyepiece that is rubber armored twist up.
  • Tripod mount built right in.
  • Variety of sight-in options (start at 100 yards) when in RIFLE mode.
  • Diopter adjustment to adjust for differences between the user’s two eyes (somewhat like a pair of binoculars do).
  • Posi-Thread™ battery door which reduces the tendency for the door to open while in use.
  • Comes with its own carrying case.

Using the Bushnell Tactical Elite 1-Mile ARC

This latest iteration in a long line of Bushnell rangefinders is the most compact and easiest to use yet. Even beginners find it simple to power up and practice with right out of the box. Users report it performs equally well in clear and cloudy conditions and in flat and hilly terrain. While the Bushnell Tactical Elite is designed for long-range sighting and target conditions, it can improve clarity and contrast even in shorter range conditions.

The multi-optics system ensures minimal light is lost between image capture and transmission, which reduces eye strain. The unit itself works seamlessly with tripod magnetic attachment systems and ballistic calculators.

Other Uses for the Bushnell Tactical Elite 1-Mile ARC

In addition to its popularity with long-range shooters and hunters, the Bushnell Tactical Elite 1-Mile ARC has found an enthusiastic fan base among golfers. Golfers are using the rangefinder during golf practice to improve mid-game swing calculations.

In Conclusion

For the price, the Bushnell Tactical Elite 1-Mile ARC offers tremendous value and is a welcome new addition to the range of professional grade rangefinders available today.