Bushnell H20 Compact Binoculars Review

Are you looking for a good pair of rugged starter binoculars that can withstand all types of terrains, temperatures, and conditions? There are many great brands and models on the market, but Bushnell H20 Compact Binoculars is one of the best waterproof marine optics available for those of who are looking for a good pair of starter binoculars.

These binoculars work great in any weather condition since they are 100% waterproof, fog proof, and dust proof. They include a nitrogen purging feature, as well as a central focusing system. The featured o-ring seal won’t allow water to penetrate within its walls. They are ideal for fishing, sailing, rowing, hiking, or skiing. They also work great in high altitudes or just about any rugged environment. These binoculars are also incredibly portable, with their compact size. It’s worth mentioning that these binoculars come in other models, which range from as large as 7×50, to 8×25, which is the smallest model that is available. The lens provides a very crisp image of objects that are in motion, as well as objects that are stationary and features magnification that is very powerful. These binoculars come in a sleek black color and are also made with BAK-4 prisms, which allows you to see brighter light transmission. The non-slip rubberized armor housing is also integrated into the binoculars, allowing you a good grip in any weather conditioner. Other features include the tethered lens caps, twist-up eyecups, a long eye relief, as well as the smooth central focusing knob.

One military reviewer even went as far as performing a dunk test, by dumping them in 1/2 m of almost freezing water for half an hour. He noted that they do, in fact, live up to the claims that they are waterproof and that the binoculars did not fog. He also noted that no water spots formed and that the rubber exterior did well in protecting the optics. This reviewer in particular tests products for police and military work.

These binoculars are great for a starter pair of binoculars for those who are actively spending time outdoors. Overall, this product is very good for the price, at around $38.99 at Amazon.com. Not only are they great starter binoculars, but they are very affordable. Compared to other starter H20 compact binoculars, these are definitely the best value. These binoculars also come with a lifetime warranty, so if they break for any reason your product is covered.

Although these are great binoculars, there are some drawbacks. First, the binoculars can be heavy at 10.23oz, which can be inconvenient when you are carrying them around during outdoor activities. There have also been reports of optics glares, which can interfere with your view when looking through the binoculars. It’s been stated that objects appear fuzzy around the edges and that it’s hard to see when looking directly into the sunlight. Lastly, the neck strap that is included is said to be thin and flimsy and that the lens cap can be lost easily, which aren’t a good features if you’re going to be performing rough outdoor activities. If you are going to be using these very frequently and will be doing very rough activities, these may not be right for you because of the weight and the flimsy neck strap. Or especially if you want something that is lightweight for use in activities such as backpacking.

Compared the competition, these binoculars really hold up to their claims. I highly recommend these binoculars for those who are starting out and need an affordable model of binoculars for all of their outdoor activities!