Bushnell Banner 4-12x40mm Review

No matter how many times the “one that got away” story gets told, it never really makes the hunter feel any better. The excuses are abound from sun glare to a deer getting spooked and it never seems to be the shooters fault. But we all know that a bad shot can happen, but equipment failure just makes it that much worse because it’s avoidable. Fortunately for the avid sportsman and target shooter, Bushnell makes this excellent Banner 4-12x40mm rifle scope. For scopes in this price range, the quality and durability are simply unmatched by anyone else.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of products out there on the market that will promise the moon but when out of the box and on the rifle, it just never makes the grade. It always seems like quality comes at a huge cost. Well, not anymore. With this Bushnell product on the shelves, the true hunter can finally get the clarity and range he or she needs without having to mortgage the house to get it. If there was one single complaint in the mid-range scope market it would be clarity. We all know field of vision becomes more of an issue the lower we get in price. Well, this product takes care of that age old dilemma once and for all. While the pricier scopes are a bit clearer around the edges, this product boasts an excellent field of vision and performs exceptionally well in low light. The Bushnell Banner 4-20x40mm finally offers this kind of quality coupled with affordability. Sure, we’d all like to head out and get an insanely expensive Nikon, but with the entrance of the Banner on the market, you’d soon be asking what the real difference between the two is aside from the price tag.

Getting a good read on your target is one thing, but getting the parts to get you to that point is something entirely different. While the turret knobs can seem a little small and hard to read, the scope is extremely easy to adjust. This model even is equipped with adjustments to compensate for bullet drop – a common gripe for the bargain hunting sportsman. And once this piece is set, it’s not uncommon for it to hold at zero through several hundred rounds. The Banner is able to do this because it’s made from quality materials and construction.

So this Bushnell model is well made and has all the adjustments needed to make that shot and it’s easy to use. In fact, it’s far easier to adjust than competing brands in this price point. While many hunters wear their ability to use precise adjustments and an almost scientific approach to the sport of shooting on their sleeve, we all know that it’s intangibles that is what grabs hold of us. It’s about reading the environment and getting a feel for the shot. The simplicity of this particular scope appeals those types of shooters. Shooters who are the set-and-forget type when it comes to elevation and wind. For the marksmen who rely on reticle scaling, this Bushnell model is for you.

The performance of the Banner is so reliable that almost any hunter worth his or her salt will recommend this model for the price. The quality of the product would command twice as much if it didn’t have the name “Bushnell” stamped on it. At the end of the day, we all need to watch our budgets and make them last. For the outdoors man who needs to find a solution to dollars versus their love of shooting, the Bushnell Banner 4-20x40mm rifle scope is the clear choice.