LaserWorks LE-032 Mounted Rangefinder Review

The LaserWorks LE-032 scope is a curious optic designed to be mounted on a gun, crossbow, or hunting bow. It doesn’t look like your average rifle scope but in the end it’s not designed to replace true rifle scopes. 

It doesn’t have the round tubes and lenses that are customary for rifle scopes. It’s actually designed to fit on top of your rifle scopes by either of the rings that attach it to the firearm.

  • If you have a bow or crossbow that has hardpoints for attachments, simply choose the position that feels right for you.


The purpose of the LE-032 is to replace the traditional rangefinder you carry around with you and have all your ranging equipment in one place. We can see this being of enormous help to hunters who don’t like having to handle their weapon and rangefinder with two hands. With the LE-032, you can handle the weapon and acquire distance without using separate devices.

The all-electronic readout is also bright and readable if you’re switching between it and the actual scope (if you’re using a gun or crossbow). If you’re using any type of bow, you may have to angle you’re head a bit but not by much.


  • Precision to +/- 1M
  • Maximum range: 700M
  • Speed range: 0-300KM/H

There is some discussion that there may be a slight distortion in the LE-032’s accuracy due to the fact that the laser emitter is sitting a couple of inches above the scope and even more so above the muzzle of the gun. This can be a huge factor when shooting at long distance or if it’s windy or foggy outside.

The LE-032 compensates for this situation by having an overall small frame. It looks big on the webpage but in your hands, it’s actually pretty small. If it were bigger, it would weigh more and it would start affecting your shot.

The rangefinder has five modes for different situations: ordinary ranging, fog, horizontal distance, fog and horizontal, and speed. These modes will help you acquire accurate distance in different weather conditions and if your target is on the move.


The one big problem (especially for bows) is that you can’t see what the rangefinder is locking on to. With normal rangefinders, you can look down the lenses to what you’re trying to acquire. For rifles and crossbows that have actual scopes, this will be easier and the distance much more accurate.

Despite the LE-032 being a relatively new product, it has some good feedback from customers who appreciate its light weight (.6 lb) and reliability. We understand the hesitation that occurs sometimes with a new design or concept, but the LE-032 has surprised many by having trustworthy ranging data.

Full-size rangefinders have prices that vary from the tens to hundreds of collars, and the LE-032 probably leans more so on the expensive side. However, in our opinion, its benefits justify the cost, especially when you consider how much you’ll be packing on your trip and the device’s versatility with ranging modes.

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